Bush Babies Botswana

Our Story

Welcome to Bush Babies Botswana, a lodge situated on a captivating riverbank hideaway on the South African border in the heart of the Tuli Block, Botswana.

Come and enjoy the experience where Safari life marries hospitality, where the Sun gives birth to magnificent mornings on the Limpopo river, making you want to stay another day.

Shaded by a canopy of indigenous trees, we have luxurious chalets available providing comfortable accommodation without compromising the real African experience.

Immerse yourself in the quiet beauty of the Tuli Block

Situated so very close to nature, BushBabies attracts an array of different kinds of wildlife. 

The bushbabies quietly feeding during the night and the wildebeest giving their gentle grunts in the early hours of the morning. 

We offer a variety of activities that will create an everlasting appetite for the sights and sounds of Botswana and life in the bush. Enjoy game drives, hunting, fishing, bush walking trails and more.