The Tuli Block serves as home to some of the world’s most cherished bird species – birdwatching enthusiasts and amateurs alike will find great joy in observing these creatures dive from the sky-scraping trees. See below some of our more common birds.

The African Hawk Eagle

A medium-sized eagle with a distinctly bold patterned coat. Finding residence in savanna and riverine forest, the African Hawk preys on other birds (mainly Guineafowl and Francolin). It often lets out a distinguishable “kloeee” before snatching its long, curved talons.

Lilac Breasted Rolar

One of the more common birds in the Tuli Block area, the Lilac Breasted Rolar is widely distributed across sub-Saharan Africa. Small in stature, these Rolars can often be found perched alone on trees and is distinguishable with its colourful plumage.

Pel's Fishing Owl

These bulky, round-headed, rufous owls are quite adorable. Sporting big black eyes, the Pel’s Fishing Owls have a shy nature, hiding in trees surrounding forested swamps and rivers.

Swallow Tailed Bee-Eater

This unique, eccentrically polychromatic bird stands out amongst its mostly dark and rufous peers. This green, yellow, blue and red bird has a unique diet to match its coat – feasting on bees, wasps and dragonflies! Swallow-Tailed Bee-Eaters likes to perch out on the open, where it can easily swoop down and pick up grubs. 

Dusky Lark

A small, scrawny bird this Dusky Lark, they’re a common sight throughout the Tuli Block. They sport a pale coat, with a dusky plumage. Dusky Larks move in groups, foraging for insects along the rugged terrain.